We Are UNWAVERING in Our Dedication to her rights! her voice!! her life!!!​


Saint Naomis was founded with a primary mission to champion female education and rights by means of advocacy, capacity building, and awareness campaigns.

However, our aspirations extend beyond these immediate objectives. Saint Naomis aims to forge vital connections between health and social services, thereby confronting the underlying social issues and determinants of health. By addressing these root causes, we strive to enhance upstream impacts, including health outcomes, educational attainment, equity, quality of life, and the promotion of rights for girls and women. Additionally, our organization is committed to facilitating rapid rehousing support.

With operational bases in both the United States and Africa, Saint Naomis endeavors to effect widespread positive change across diverse communities. Through collaborative efforts and targeted interventions, we aspire to create a world where every woman and girl has the opportunity to thrive and fulfill her potential.

Our Mission

To provide a platform that connects women to programs and services that empower and improve their quality of life and give them access to opportunities equitably through building community partnerships.

Our Vision

To raise a new generation of successful and influential women with equitable access to resources for global impact.

Our Objectives

  • Provide rapid rehousing and intervention services
  • Promote the rights of the girl child.
  • Provide mentorship, job readiness and employment assistance.
  • Provide TVET services
  • Provide school admission and scholarship advisory services.
  • Provide educational tours and summer camps.
  • Organize mental health awareness campaigns.
  • Combat sexual and domestic violence.
  • Campaign against early girl child marriage.
  • Campaign against child labor and trafficking.

The Founder

Favour Akhidenor, PhD, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Naomis Foundation and Favemerit Consulting Group. Dr. Akhidenor holds two master’s degrees in Social Work: one from the University of Maine in the United States and the other from the University of Benin in Nigeria. She graduated with a PhD in Prevention and Intervention studies at the University of Maine. With a career spanning 20 years in the private, and  public sectors, she runs one of the most successful non-profits and e-commerce entities in Africa and the United States.

 Dr. Akhidenor is the first non-profit founder from her community to build a bridge between health and social services such as health outcomes, education, equity, quality of life, and rights. Her commitment lies in facilitating easy access to community initiatives, particularly for marginalized and challenging populations such as women and girls. She has diverse expertise and knowledge in social work, education, TVET, program development, assessment and evaluation, research, homeless prevention, care coordination, long term care, public finance, and funding models. Coupled with her spirit of collaboration and partnership with community engagement, she has received several awards, and has been a keynote speaker at various conferences, schools, and events across the globe.

Prior to her role as CEO of Saint Naomis, Dr. Akhidenor has effectively managed several organizations and initiatives that aim to reduce poverty, provide care coordination and connect clients to services in a proactive and holistic way. She has expertise in several areas including creating and expanding initiatives and programs, especially non-profit development strategies, solid team structures, and strategic multi-disciplinary partnerships for community expansion.

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My Story

Growing up as a little girl in a family with few opportunities, I experienced and witnessed various social problems plaguing families, including families in crisis, child abuse and the struggle for education. In those days, the opportunity for the girl child to be educated was not a given, as the prevalent gender norms prioritized male education.

When I finally got the opportunity to attend secondary school, I had to walk several miles everyday. Upon conclusion of secondary school I was unable to proceed immediately to University, due to lack of funds. I had to hawk various products such as bread, oranges and candies after school daily to save up money for University. I graduated with bachelor and masters degrees in Social Work at the University of Benin, Nigeria. Thereafter, I went on to pursue and achieve an MSW and PhD in the United States of America.

Looking back, I realize that thousands of children are unable to attend school because of childhood circumstances that are similar to mine and as such they are precluded from the opportunities that a good education offers. This realization led to the establishment of Saint Naomis Foundation. It was born out of a desire to reach out and make the opportunities that were not easily available to me a possibility for the next generation of young girls and women.