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Educational Services

Educational and Vocational Scholarships

We provide the girl child with programs such as educational scholarship awards and vocational training, giving her the opportunity to change her world for the better.

Mentorship Program

We believe that proper guidance at the appropriate age improves the success rate of people, so we employ the best mentorship programs to unleash their potential and achieve personal development.

Special Education

Special education programs are offered to children with special needs to ensure no one is left out of a promising future. We specialize in promoting skill acquisition to enable the girl child have positive outcomes in life.

Community Engagement

Learning as part of a community has significantly improved the retention rate of growing minds, so we utilize this information to create awareness. We assist with community-based learning in the prevention of and intervention against early marriage and child trafficking through educational and awareness programs.

Educational Summer Camps

Summer periods are put to good use by involving our children in activities at home and abroad during this period to improve their cognitive skills.

Case Management Services

Mental Health
We use case management services to evaluate mental health conditions and connect services and resources required to meet recovery goals.
Substance Abuse
Targeted case management services are used to develop a treatment plan that includes a variety of approaches: screening, assessing, detoxing and follow up.
Domestic Violence
We offer personalized case management services through trauma-informed practice that enable victims to work one-on-one with case managers focusing on prevention, intervention, training, self-care, health and wellness.

“Mental health is a risk factor for homelessness, and the experience of homelessness is a risk factor for developing a serious mental health”(Akhidenor, 2023). It is evident that homelessness and mental health are intricately linked. We support women  with their rapid rehousing.